Monday, May 12, 2008

A Reaction to How I Treat Insulin Reactions

What has happened with LifeSavers candies?

I used to be able to buy these things in bulk, wrapped in rolls of 12 candies each. In five flavors. In a multicolored wrapper.

Four of them equals about 15 grams of carbohydrate, which any good type 1 knows is what you need to ingest when your sugar is low.Low.LOW.

A pack is portable. I can bite off what I need without fumbling with a wrapper. A pack of LIfeSavers is relatively cheap, compared to the chalky crap that is a pack of Glucose Tabs.


Now I can only find them in packs where each candy is wrapped individually. Try opening each one of these babies, one by agonizingly slow one, to treat a blood sugar of 48 when my head is foggy, my face is sweating, and all I need is to get some damn sugar in my body.

Yeah, right. No thanks.

Individually wrapped for freshness? Feh. I need stale LifeSavers fast, all wrapped in one biteable roll.

Occasionally, I can find the rolls of candies in a drugstore like CVS. But now the wrapper is navy. And they're getting harder and harder to find. Once, I bought a round tin of something I thought were my standby LifeSavers, dressed up in fancy new duds, to treat a low. And the damn things turned out to be sugar free LifeSavers.

Now some genius came up with the idea of gummy LifeSavers, which just won't do. I need hard candies I can crunch with my molars. Not some goo that I'll have to scrape off my teeth as I wait...and...wait...for my blood sugar to rise.

I've moved on to buying juice boxes to treat insulin reactions. But they're a bit more bulky when I need to throw one or two in the purse. And they aren't as easy to find in a store when I'm out and happen to find myself low.

And again, fumbling with a straw wrapper, when my sugars are plummeting, effin' sucks. I just need the sugar in me, fast--not some Fort Knox plastic protecting my precious straw from the germy forces of evil.

Anyone know who I can complain to?

I want my old LifeSavers back.

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