Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So What's Next?

There’s a palpable sense of relief and excitement today.

I’m pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s U.S. Presidential election.


The President-Elect is inheriting a complicated bunch of problems and issues.

As a type 1 woman, I have to ask: how will my health care coverage change? Will I be able to get a continuous glucose monitor, paid for in full, without the hoops others have had to jump through?

Will I be able to do infertility treatment again, if necessary, and have to pay crazy amounts of money because, arbitrarily, my current insurance doesn’t cover things that other insurance companies do?

Will I honestly have a choice about which health insurance company I can sign up with, with my history of pre-existing conditions? That won’t cost me a fortune?

And how soon will we see legitimate, concrete progress on stem cell research? Will it actually affect me in my lifetime? My son’s lifetime, should he inherit a chronic condition like diabetes that might be cured from stem cells?

I’m looking forward to seeing how all this change will actually be implemented.

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Minnesota Nice said...

Sister L - I am looking forward to it too, with great curiousity re how it will all be accomplished.
My HMO, which I've belonged to for 15 years, will not be offered by my employer for '09. The new plan allows for 5 test strips per day, a $30 co-pay for each vial of insulin plus a mountain of paperwork to get my oral meds from a mailout pharmacy provider.
Things change. And sometimes not for the better.


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