Sunday, November 02, 2008

November Notes

If you're swinging over here as a result of seeing me as the featured blogger on the Diabetes OC, welcome! And if you're a regular reader, welcome back.

So it's national diabetes month, national write a novel month, national blog every day month, and Thanksgiving is 'round the corner.

With the exception of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, I'm not really an active participant in these activities.

I've got a novel half-written, but it won't get finished in a mere 30 days. Same thing with the blog: I blog, but don't have the time or stories to keep it interesting

And sure, I'm diabetic, but since that's a year-round thing for me, I don't see the point of singling out one month, or even one day, commemorating it. To me, it's like saying one day of the month is National Breathing Day. Or National Eat Healthy Day. 

On November 14, though, I have my next appointment with Kind Endo, where she hopefully will give me the go-ahead to start trying to conceive kid number two. It'll be my own personal diabetes awareness day.

I fully support the efforts of other bloggers making mention of any of these activities, though. More power to you.

Over here, I've done a little housekeeping. 

My archives are now more easily searchable by keyword, date, category, and for anyone who wants to know my history, by stage of life. Blogger only lets me link to the latest posts first, so if you're interested in reading the blog this way, start from the bottom from the appropriate date and read up. It's all over there on the left.

I've tweaked some colors to make things more eye-catching and added some excellent reader kudos on the right. Thank you for those!

None of this would have been possible without the fabulous Julie at Absolute Stock Photo. Definitely contact her for your web design or stock photo needs.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm a regular :-) , but wanted to drop by and say that it was cool to see you as the featured DOC blogger! Very cool!


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