Saturday, November 08, 2008

Change Is Coming

Eight years ago, the country entered a new phase of management.

And around the same time, I did too.

While America moved from one party President to another back in 2000, I moved from multiple daily injections to an insulin pump. The Minimed 508, to be exact.

Unlike most pump users, and unlike American voters, I never considered a change after the first four-year term. I liked the pump I had and it continued to work for me. I didn’t need any additional bells or whistles like the insulin on board feature. I did that already in my head.

The 508 got me through my wedding day, my honeymoon, my long stretch of time keeping my blood sugars very tight while I tried and tried to get pregnant. And it stuck with me throughout pregnancy. And later, through training for two sprint triathlons.

It still works okay. But it’s really time to upgrade.

Recently, I’ve read a few reviews of a new pump out there from a different company, the Animas Ping. It’s got wireless communication between a meter I already use and adore, the One Touch Ultra, and it has a full food menu I can reference from the pump itself. Plus, I suppose I could get used to having a pump figure out insulin to carb ratios and insulin on board features so I can use my brainspace for some other activity.

I’m scheduling a meet and greet with an Animas rep early next week to see what this pump actually feels like.

Like the rest of the country, my next four years might just look or feel somewhat different than the past eight.


Allison said...

I've heard great things about Animas, and many of my "kids" are on it too (such as the 3-year-old from today's post). But the user interface of the pump is different from the Minimed 715 (which I'm on) and because I'm so used to Minimed, I prefer it over Animas.

Also, Minimed 715 (as well as Cozmo and the others) all have Bolus Wizard Calculators. So if you have had a good experience, it's fairly simple to upgrade to the newest version. I'm surprised you haven't already considering your warranty expired years ago.

Lee Ann Thill said...

I've been using an Animas for 4 1/2 years. I've never used a different manufacturer's pump because I love my Animas and the customer service has always been excellent. I upgraded my 1200 to the 2020 in May, but of course they didn't announce the Ping until right after I had upgraded which really annoyed me because I would have held off on teh upgrade. I do have the MM CGM now so I use both companies. I still like Animas customer service best even though no one there told me about the Ping.

Bernard said...

I'd used a Minimed for nearly 9 years (two pumps) until October 2007. After trying an Animas 2020 and a Cozmo, I moved to the Cozmo and don't regret it.

I agree with Allison, the UI is different and takes some getting used to. I put some videos up on YouTube showing some of the Animas and Cozmo in action, they may help you decide.


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