Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Ping Is A Go, Sunscreen, and Doc VIsits

I met with the Animas rep yesterday and played with the Ping.

I also spent too much time yesterday researching the ingredients in two kids' sunscreens and wondering why I can get so caught up in research about something like sunscreen, but don't intend to do something similar with the pump.

Research is what I know how to do. But I tend to get bogged down and therefore, stuck.

(I ended up just buying both sunscreens online and figured I'll just use one, then the other, and then decide which one to return to.)

But with the pump, I'm just going to move forward. I'm about to sign the paperwork to get things moving to get myself an Animas Ping system.

I know it will likely take me weeks, if not longer, to figure out how the pump works. I am used to bolusing without thinking with my 508. I can do set changes while feeding my son.

Back when I first went on the pump, though, it took me a half hour to do a set change. I carried the pump user's guide with me forever until I knew which buttons to push to get what I needed.

So I know what I'm in for--a period of figuring out how the pump works.

In other news, I saw my Kind Endo and Eye Doc on Friday.

The lowdown is that my thyroid level is still too high, so we're continuing to tweak the amount of Synthroid I take. My A1c went up to 6.6, but I'd figured it'd be much higher due to my wayward eating habits. My eyes look the same as ever, and I'll need another round of laser treatment if I get pregnant again. I have another Endo visit scheduled in four weeks.

This is all fine with me right now--I'm not upset about the delay in actively trying to conceive. It's more like a vacation before the grind of going back to school. With my history, I don't consider trying to conceive particularly enjoyable--it's more like work. And if we have to do an IVF round, it wouldn't be for a few months yet. I am fine with this. It gives me more time to focus on less life-changing things, like ordering a new insulin pump after my current one is four years out of warranty.

Or obsessing about the chemicals in my son's sunscreen.


AmyT said...

Hey L,

I'm obsessed with research too -- sometimes on the oddest details, while I leave the big stuff alone. Go figure.

Major Bedhead said...

I spent half the morning researching refurbished MacBooks even though I have exactly no money to buy one. So, yeah, with you on the weird bench there.


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