Monday, September 15, 2008

Who Is This Jock And Where Did She Come From?

I ran/walked in a local 5K road race yesterday and actually did better than a fifth of the people competing. 

Running is getting somewhat easier for me.

I still walked a good portion of the race, but was able to jog for more than a mile and a quarter, walk and run on the second and third miles, and jogged at the end and even sprinted across the finish line.

Someone at the end yelled out "Rip it, 598!" and I actually ran past someone up ahead of me. (598 was my bib number).

My blood sugars, unlike when I've done triathlons, were great. Ate an oatmeal, fruit, milk and almond breakfast early and bolused normally. Was 100 when I left the house an hour before the race. Was 123 just before the race--I ate a granola bar, bolused for half, and reduced my basal rate by half. And after the race, I was 74 and felt good--drank a juice box and was on my way.

I need to buy new running shoes this week--mine are old.

Later this week, things take on a whole new meaning--we're heading back to my Kind Endo for my first pre-pregnancy checkup for kid number two. 

Sort of like gearing up for another huge race all over again. 

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Anne said...

racing is a little addictive, no? congrat's on finishing well in your 5k! and good luck with your endo visit..


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