Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tri: I Did It Again

I completed my second sprint triathlon today.

It was tough: a hillier bike and run course, choppier water, a later heat to start. I was one of the last to finish and still don't know my official time, so I don't know just how close to the last finisher I actually was.

I'm exhausted, despite training pretty well over the past six weeks.

Blood sugars were in the 200s throughout the race, which means I will simply take my usual amount of insulin the next time I do this and not expect any extra exercise to keep me low (which is what you'd think would happen when you swim a quarter mile, bike nearly 12, and run/walk more than three). But that was not the case today.

To be honest, I've worked out consistently for the past 14 weeks, doing harder core things than I've typically done before. But I'm a bit tired and burned out on early morning workouts and two hour bike rides. I'm going to measure myself tomorrow (something my tri coach had us do at the beginning of the last six weeks) to see if my body changed a lot. 

I certainly got more tan than I've typically been, despite wearing high SPF sunscreen all summer.

Although I'm considering doing another 5K run/walk next week, I'm done with my hardcore tri training for the season. I have other projects I'd like to focus on. Stay tuned.


Bernard said...

Which tri did you do? And overall how did you feel later in the day?

The Hyannis Tri that I was meant to do on Saturday was canceled! :-(

Now I'm signed up for the Mainiac Sprint Tri later this month. I hope the weather holds up for that one. If you're feeling up to it, maybe we could meetup there?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go!

passingwindows said...

Well done! It sounds like a hectic triathlon, just the word sprint makes me tired.

That's weird about the blood sugar. Do you think it's because you are very fit and your body doesn't see that level of exercise as needing as much sugar as it would have before? For me it seems to be a time thing. I can go on a 30 minute walk and my blood sugar doesn't budge but an hour walk will send it shooting down.

Anne said...

congrat's!!! I usually can keep my basal rate at normal levels for my races or even increase them a little sometimes. I think, for me, it has most to do with what I'm used to. So for someone who does 30 minutes walking regularly, 60 minutes is a huge increase so it wouldn't be surprising to see a BG drop. But if you walked 60 min/day for some time, I would expect your body to adapt to that.

Kevin said...



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