Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lows: Why Don't They All Feel This Way?

Ran/walked 2.5 miles tonight. 

Started out with a blood sugar around 221. I thought I'd jog and see what would happen.

Attached my dorky-but-effective fanny pack around my waist. I carry a juice box, my meter, my cell phone, money, my license and my insurance card, along with my keys.

Started jogging, took a few minutes to warm up. Ran straight for about one and a quarter miles, then stopped briefly at my turn-around point, stretched for a minute, then continued running.

Stopped to walk after about two miles.

Felt fine walking--a bit out of breath and tired, but otherwise ok.

Started jogging again and let my mind wander about work stuff for a bit. Felt nice to concentrate on something other than assorted aches and pains.

By the time I approached my neighborhood and house, I felt great--arms pumping, legs striding, feeling no leg or hip pain. Going faster than I've gone before. 

Maybe this is what they mean about the adrenalin of a runner's high?

Stretched a bit in my driveway, felt good.

Came inside, said hi to Mr. L and Baby L.

Tested my sugar at 39.


Tested again: 36.

Felt really fine, like I could run even more.

Instead drank two juice boxes and marveled at how good going low felt. 

I was up to 124 in a few minutes.

I've also had odd dreams when going low, and once thought up a brilliant idea for a short story all while being low.

So are your insulin reactions ever as pleasant as mine was tonight?


Araby62 said...

Oh, that totally sounds like a runner's high type of low. I used to get them when I was into biking long distance. I'll take any low without the darn low headache ;)

Denise said...

Oh I hate those headaches they are the worst congrat on you low sounds like a good on,

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wowsers! That is scary!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like my lows. I'm up cleaning the house and I'm all go, go, go! I stop to test and yep my BG is 35 or 42. I hate it because then I have to stop treat the low and try to stay focused. And people wonder why I test so many times a day.



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