Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's February Already?

I used to be a great blogger--back when I was in the throes of infertility and pregnancy.

But things are afoot over in the land of Lyrecha. To wit:

1. Baby L is ten months old. Where'd the time go? He crawls backwards. He's starting to tolerate solid foods. He smiles like a sunrise. He is chatty in that baby jibberish way. ("Bah bah BAH," he explains. "Guh. Khuh.")

He is super awesome.

2. My book proposal for my book about type 1 and pregnancy, written from the perspective of actual type 1 women and not medical professionals, IS FINALLY DONE.

Did you ever make a list of goals that you wanted to do in your lifetime and actually feel the exhilaration of checking one off?

That's how I felt last week when I read the thing for the last time and hit SEND.

It's literally out of my hands now. I'll keep you posted should something big transpire. In the meantime, if you want to be interviewed about type 1 and pregnancy, if the book actually becomes a reality, shoot me an email (Lyrehca AT gmail DOT com) and I'll keep your info on file.

3. After doing postpartum Weight Watchers since June, today I learned that I have officially lost ten pounds. While taking this long to lose weight is not ideal, I frankly blew it off much of that time. Since the new year, though, I've paid far more attention to eating and exercising than I have in awhile. I actually make time to walk for an hour on certain days of the week, and I can see it's paying off. Last week, when it was super grey and snowy, I got myself and Baby L over to a local mall in my town and traipsed the place for an hour. It was good... except when the Apple store beckoned. But at least I lost weight this week.

4. To celebrate my ten pounds gone, I decided to buy myself a skirt. I haven't worn a decent cute skirt since before I got pregnant. (Wearing a few maternity skirts during and post-pregnancy do not count as cute.) While it is still a larger size than I would like to be wearing, and I bought it from a department I wish I didn't have to shop in, I was pleased to find one that looked good, was simple enough to be a basic, and was on sale for a glorious twelve dollars. Down from an original price of $48.


5. Tomorrow night, Mister Lyrehca and I are hiring a babysitter for the evening (A first! Night time help!) and going out for an early Valentine's dinner. I'm definitely wearing the skirt.

6. I've heard about a number of new and not-so-new resources for the diabetic women looking for pregnancy info. There's a new group on Tu Diabetes called Oh Baby!, a new site with a pregnancy section called Diabetes Sisters, and although it's old news already, I finally got a chance to read Kelsey's pregnancy diary and it was great. It's nice to see new resources sprouting up in the past year or two, but as my book proposal urges, more are always needed.

7. Personally, I'm not slated to see my Endo for a general diabetes checkup til April, but I am so looking forward to talking to her about going on Symlin. I'd always been told to stay away from it in the past few years when I was either trying to conceive, pregnant or pumping breast milk. Now that I'm just a plain ol' type 1 again, I'm eager to see if the stuff will help me lose weight and keep the postprandial meals spikes to a dull roar.


SaraS-P said...

Congrats on the book and the weight loss (and successfully raising a 10 month-old of course)!

passingwindows said...

Congratulations on finishing the book, that is a wonderful thing to be able to tick off your list of Things To Achieve.

And 10 pounds is excellent. I am still working my way down, sloooowly.

Good to hear that there are things out there for pregnant women with diabetes and I'm looking forward to seeing your book on the shelves. If you need interviews for the first 3 months of pregnancy, I'll happily do one.

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations on the proposal! And the weight loss and skirt. But the proposal!

Anonymous said...

I would love to read your book!!! I am Type 1 too and I am in the middle of my first IVF.

Congrats on your baby!
Allison in Canada


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