Monday, May 12, 2008

A Reaction to How I Treat Insulin Reactions

What has happened with LifeSavers candies?

I used to be able to buy these things in bulk, wrapped in rolls of 12 candies each. In five flavors. In a multicolored wrapper.

Four of them equals about 15 grams of carbohydrate, which any good type 1 knows is what you need to ingest when your sugar is low.Low.LOW.

A pack is portable. I can bite off what I need without fumbling with a wrapper. A pack of LIfeSavers is relatively cheap, compared to the chalky crap that is a pack of Glucose Tabs.


Now I can only find them in packs where each candy is wrapped individually. Try opening each one of these babies, one by agonizingly slow one, to treat a blood sugar of 48 when my head is foggy, my face is sweating, and all I need is to get some damn sugar in my body.

Yeah, right. No thanks.

Individually wrapped for freshness? Feh. I need stale LifeSavers fast, all wrapped in one biteable roll.

Occasionally, I can find the rolls of candies in a drugstore like CVS. But now the wrapper is navy. And they're getting harder and harder to find. Once, I bought a round tin of something I thought were my standby LifeSavers, dressed up in fancy new duds, to treat a low. And the damn things turned out to be sugar free LifeSavers.

Now some genius came up with the idea of gummy LifeSavers, which just won't do. I need hard candies I can crunch with my molars. Not some goo that I'll have to scrape off my teeth as I wait...and...wait...for my blood sugar to rise.

I've moved on to buying juice boxes to treat insulin reactions. But they're a bit more bulky when I need to throw one or two in the purse. And they aren't as easy to find in a store when I'm out and happen to find myself low.

And again, fumbling with a straw wrapper, when my sugars are plummeting, effin' sucks. I just need the sugar in me, fast--not some Fort Knox plastic protecting my precious straw from the germy forces of evil.

Anyone know who I can complain to?

I want my old LifeSavers back.


Minnesota Nice said...

I really hate the glucose tabs, except now found that CVS has a flavor I can tolerate - watermelon!

I know that Mentos are an effective treatment - they come in a roll, are portable, but also a bit bulkier and I don't know how the price compares. They might be a tad kinder to those back molars too.

Dr. Grumbles said...

No more tubes? That stinks!

Laura Williams said...

Have you tried Smarties?

Annie said...

I can't offer any advice on LifeSavers, but I sometimes carry Jelly Belly jelly beans. I can get a pack of them at my local dollar store and they come in a variety of flavors (my personal fave: the sour mix). Sometimes, I'll stop at the candy shop in the mall and get the raspberry ones - they are very tasty and you can chew them.

BTW, happy mother's day - belated!

Major Bedhead said...

O uses Smarties, too. There are wrappers, but they're much easier than the wrapped Life Savers.

Anonymous said...

i hate glucose tabs so much they actually make me gag.

question. do life savers bring you up fast enough?

Unknown said...

Yes, what is up with that? What ever happened to reducing packaging?

I use fruit juice as I find it's the quickest thing but it's heavy and I can't always fit one into my handbag (and forget flying with 4oz juice nowdays!). I use mini snickers (12g carb) - easy to eat and usually good at getting sugar up.


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