Monday, January 07, 2008

What Took Me So Long?

I hired two babysitters last week to watch Baby L while I worked upstairs in my home office for two afternoons.

It. Was. Bliss.

I felt like I was back working at a staff job in an office, with the big difference that there were no annoying coworkers to worry about or boss to impress. I actually finished a big chunk of work I've been taking forever to finish. Not having to worry about when the babe was waking up from a nap, or needed entertaining, or needed to listen to a kid's CD while he played next to my desk on the floor with his toys while I worked at my desk. Being that I work for myself now, I felt total satisfaction in managing my own time, my own projects, my own clients, and now, my own deadlines, in beautiful silence, as someone else watched my kid downstairs.

Of course, these two sitters have other commitments so that I am still figuring out how to get them to come back on a regular basis.

But a week before my kid turns nine months, I realize, it's great to hire someone to watch your kid, particularly in your own home, when you have the luxury (and I definitely know it's a luxury) to work for yourself and be able to pay for it.

He's going to wake up from his nap any minute, so I'll make this short. But I am so glad to have found some great sitters I feel comfortable about.


Shannon said...

I hope they're able to come on as you need them.

Just because a woman works at home doesn't mean she doesn't need a babysitter. It's IS...impossible to get any significant work done because our little ones need constant attention and tending to.

And forget about being on a phone with someone.

Eva said...

We finally started using a babysitter regularly after Baby turned one, and it's really great. It's so nice to know she has somewhere she can go to have fun when Mommy and Daddy can't be with her (it's an in-home daycare).

Laurie said...

Now you're talking! Good for you--it's a win-win situation for everyone invovled. If I have children someday and if we can swing getting some help, I will def. follow suit. Babies aren't conducive to writing, methinks.

Kevin said...

Sounds great.
We're just about to start our nanny search for our little ones. Quite a frightening endeavor.

Flmgodog said...

I am so glad you are back!!!

Glad to hear things are still going well.

It is nice to be able to work from home and be your own boss. The majority of my clients are self employed and small business owners. I was lucky to be able to bring Izzie to the office for the last seven months with me.

Good luck with the sitter search!

Watson said...

Wow, nine months already -- did it just fly by?

And I agree, to have sitters (that you trust) watching the baby is such a great luxury, good for you!

XOXO, Watson

PS Thanks for the supportive comments, so appreciated!!


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