Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Blog Poll: Potential Author Photo

I didn't keep up with writing about all my fertility stuff because work got busy, but we had the embryo retrieval and transfer last week.

Now it's a waiting game, amid work deadlines, freezing cold weather, family stuff and ever-shrinking bank accounts.

My latest question occupying my mind is an author photo and hair texture: curly or straight?

I'm having a photo taken this week.

I've never run pictures on this blog for anonymity, but the truth is, people can find my photo online if they look hard enough.

So I'll make it easy.

Should I go straight, which requires more prep time, looks sleeker, and is what I did often before I had my kid:

Or do I go curly, which is my typical style these days, and maybe makes me look more like an "I can relate to her!" fellow mom with diabetes who has a child and doesn't spend an hour on her hair:

Of course, I'll be standing up straight, dressed appropriately, and not at a party (unlike these two shots) when the author photo will be taken.

And agewise, the curly shot is closer to how my face looks now, save for whatever retouching magic my photographer can wrangle.

What's your take?


Heather said...

I'm torn.
I have curly hair envy so I totally love your curls. But, I also have envy of your straight hair because it looks like it is nice and thick and not stringy and thin like mine. Both looks are FAB!

Eva said...

The curly hair looks more like a regular person. You look pretty glamorous in the straight-hair one! But I imagine you'll look glamorous in whatever hte photographer does for you.

Maura said...

I'd go with curly.

Laura Kaiser said...

Gorgeous BOTH ways, girl, but as a fellow curly-girl I'm sticking with my original vote! Thinking of you during these post-transfer days...

sweets said...

Been reading your blog for quite some time now (although the past couple of months have been a bit hectic, so only just catching up now...). Being type 1 myself, and having gone through fertility treatments last year, I really enjoyed reading your past posts especially. All the best with the wait :(, I know how horrible that is. I was blessed in October last year with the birth of my boy - worth every extra shot I had to take! Oh, and I recently started blogging (again), and will link to you - hope that's okay (not sure about blogging etiquette these days!)


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