Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dude, Where's My Pump?

This morning was my fourth blood and ultrasound visit for this IVF cycle.

(For those of you not familiar with the infertility bandwagon, this was my fourth morning visit to my infertility clinic for a blood draw and a vaginal ultrasound with the ever-popular tam-cam. This giant tampon-like camera takes a photo so someone can manually measures the length of the follicles growing on my ovaries. Once the follicles hit a certain number, it's showtime. The next step is triggering ovulation (which will release the eggs growing on the follicles), and then mixing the eggs with the Mister's sperm in a dish to figure out if any of them look good enough to transfer back into me to see if this whole rigamarole actually produces a real pregnancy with an honest-to-God live baby.)

But I digress.

Because the ultrasound is done pants-and-underwear-free, I've been clipping my pump to my bra so it stays out of the way, and has a place to stay. Typically, I always just latch my pump to my waistband or put it in a pocket--don't you?

After the clinic visit, I did a few errands in a blissful morning of being kid-free. The Mister has been taking Toddler L out for errands of his own every Saturday morning--they call them "Boy Errands." This started when I was working this summer and needed more alone time to write, but the pattern has continued even after the work has ended.

Boy Errands typically include heading to Home Depot, the local recycling center, the local gas station (which Toddler L has taken a new liking to. We now drive on the highway and he'll shout out the names of gas stations. Mobil! Hess! Getty! Sunoco! Shell! Our kid knows 'em all). One thing that is not allowed on Boy Errands, Mister L tells me, is me.

This means I had the morning to myself.... and I went out to our local warehouse store so I could stock up on diapers and shelf-stable low-fat milk in individual servings.

But hello! What else is new? I felt low coming on, and my CGM confirmed it. I went to suspend my pump as a way to help bring myself up and.... couldn't find it.

Left pocket? No.

Right pocket? No.

Waistband? Nuh-uh.

Did I leave my pump on the bathroom sink while I was showering?

Oh wait.

There it is--clipped onto my bra underneath three layers of tank top, sweater, and bulky winter coat.

Confusion averted.


Shannon said...

Good luck on your cycle!

-Cyclesista Musings of a Fat Chick

Michelle said...

i clip mine to my bra when i go potty. there have been a number of times when i stepped out of the bathroom only to freak out about not finding my pump on my waistband and then have to reach into my shirt to retrieve it.

Flmgodog said...

Bra during wandings is my go to place for pump. I have had SEVERAL wandings recently. Makes me feel a bit top heavy with all my clothes on up top and my pump and nothing but skin below!
Fingers crossed for you that this cycle works!

Sarah said...

Hello. I just recently found your blog and want to commend you on sharing your story. I, too, am type 1 diabetic and also want to go through a second pregnancy. I have so many questions for you and was wondering if there was an email that I could contact you at. Please let me know one way or another.

Lyrehca said...

Sarah, you didn't enable your email, but my email contact is on the right side of my blog--it's Lyrehca AT gmail DOT com.

Lyrehca said...
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