Sunday, February 01, 2009

Achieve to Conceive?

We're actively trying to get pregnant.

And since I may know you in real life, unlike the first time I started chronicling our experience, please keep it to yourself if you see me and want to know "How's the baby quest going?"

It's a lot of waiting.

Not that this is anything new.

I'm in the midst of month one of fucking for fertility's sake.

I dragged out this ovulation prediction software I bought the last time and got it set up on the upstairs computer. So every morning now, I take my temperature and chart it to figure out when I might be most fertile. Or about to ovulate.

The Mister has been sick for more than a week now. The first bout of achiness and sneezing and feeling like crap coincided with--whaddaya know!--with the month's prime time for getting down.

"Tonight's the night," I explained.

"I just can't," he said. "I'm sick!"

Sick, schmick! Do you know how much fine-tuning--of blood sugars, of thyroid levels, of menstrual cycles--it took to get me to this night?

But the guy really looked like doom.

I fumed about this for a bit before I realized that sex the next morning would still count as a BEST TIME! according to my fertility software. So he got the night off.

The next morning, he was up to the task. Still sick. But not incapacitated.

So now I'm about a week away from when my software predicts I'll get my next period. Or I'll feel like peeing on a stick not to check for ketones, but for a possible embryo.

My blood sugars have been all right. I'm trying to test at least an hour after eating, and I've tried to exercise or take a titch of insulin if they're above where they should be. But I definitely don't obsess if my waking blood sugar is, say, 112 instead of 70-90 mg/dl.

I'm slated to see my Kind Endo for a regular checkup this Friday. Around the same time when my period is due.

It would be mind boggling beyond belief if I were to actually get pregnant the first month of trying for Baby #2.

But for the next week or so, I'm willing to be boggled. I'm willing to join the bloggers I read who naturally conceived after doing IVF.

Stay tuned.


Lee said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now - ever since my diabetes diagnosis. I have recently read quite a bit of your earlier posts as I too am now trying for a baby. Clomid / gonal-f cycles and one IVF cycle done, and hoping on a successful FET cycle this month - early days of cycle still. Anyway, just wanted to say I hope this time round is much easier for you guys!

Eva said...

Hey I am in a very similar boat! Good luck.


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