Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rebel Without A Battery Results

My Ping's battery officially died today.

Time I got the first alarm of a low battery: 5:06 pm, Saturday.

Time the battery died: 12:50 pm, Monday.

That's about 43 hours.

Amount of time weekend Animas pump rep said pump would last after first alarm: 30 minutes.

Good to know.


Anne said...

I've had the alarm go off and the pump die quickly after. So the rep is acting on the safe side, which I am sure he is required to do for this device whose failure could quickly lead to an emergency situation. I'd keep a battery handy as soon as the alarm goes off in the future!

I have noted on other occasions that I can keep the pump going for awhile, though. But not always.


Jonah said...

might depend on the battery type.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you are driving me nuts!

The easiest time to replace your battery is when you get one bar off the charge AND when you are charging your set anyway.

If you don't want to throw away the battery, put it in another device that deliver life-enabling insulin.

Anonymous said...

i got the low battery alarm on my ping today, and it kept alarming every 2 minutes (approximately) until i changed the darn thing - which of course includes pulling out the cartridge and doing the whole rewind/prime thing..so annoying! i've heard that the lithium batteries die really quickly (i guess the alkalines die a slower death) so i was scared to mess around..


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