Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trying the Second Time Around

I've been thinking about how a future pregnancy might be different from my first pregnancy.

1. When I worked in an office, my day was pretty regimented. It was easy to eat the same breakfast and lunch at pretty much the same time every day. As a result, my bloods were tight.

But now, I taxi Baby L from activity to activity, and do work from my kitchen table and laptop. Unfortunately, it's really easy to nosh when the fridge is right there ----> .

And yes, once Baby L is securely ensconced in day care (as of tomorrow!), I plan to get out of my damn house and work at the nearby cafe or library. That way, I don't waste my precious kid-free time doing things like organize my paperwork when I need to actually work and bill for those hours instead. (Unless someone local wants to pay me an arm and a leg to organize their files.)

2. I didn't mind (usually) when I had to keep detailed pen and paper records of my bloods, my food, my boluses, my set changes, etc. because I could usually sit at the office desk and just do it during a slow period. With Baby L usually wanting something or other, I don't always have the time or the patience to log things so systematically.

3. In a way, knowing that IVF worked once before cuts out a lot of the question about infertility treatment. But knowing that I'm two years older brings up a new bunch of questions. Will it still take long to conceive? Will I ever conceive again? How much will it cost us for this second attempt?

Is there anyone out there who can weigh in on what was different the second time you started trying to conceive? Or how type 1 played a role in a second pregnancy attempt and how it may have differed from a first go-round?

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Anonymous said...

First time around: managed to get my hba1c down to 6.4 after about three months of being on a pump. Decided to try for our first child and - fell pregnant immediately.

Second time around: got hba1c down to 6.5 and... two years later - can not conceive and am now going down the IVF track. I too am 38. Its been a really l-o-n-g two years. And my hba1c has danced up to the 7s and back to the 6s. Its not as easy as it was when I was child free. I work part time and now have a 3 year old - but she was 1 when we were first trying to conceive our second. I found it hard to give the diabetes the focus it required. However - have managed to get these things together. Now - just waiting for something to happen. Thanks for your blog


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