Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daycare Redux

Today's Day Two of Baby L's daycare experience.

1. I left him there yesterday and he was engrossed in a puzzle when I said goodbye.

2. I immediately went to a nearby cafe with free Wifi and worked for nearly six hours straight.

3. I drank a lot of diet caffeine-free Pepsi.

4. I peed more times than I typically do in a morning at home.

5. I've determined the cafe is a bit cold to discourage some people from loitering all day.

6. Yet I'm back there again today, after dropping Baby L off for his second day.

7. Except now I'm sitting in front of a fireplace, away from a window, and I'm finally toasty.

8. My sugars were great all morning when I sipped diet Pepsi.

9. But when I ate a veggie sandwich and continued to sit at my laptop, my after lunch sugars were super high.

10. I need to get some more exercise while the kid is in daycare.

11. At the end of the day yesterday, Baby L seemed happy to see me, and yet happy that he was in daycare--it took us a few minutes to get out the door to leave.

12. He was eating a snack of Nilla Wafers, something I've not fed him at home.

13. I took one poster's comments to heart about what stuff he might eat at daycare that I wouldn't feed him at home: I'm considering whether to send him in with his own healthy, high-fructose-corn-syrup-free snack. 

14. Will this make him feel like he's not allowed to eat what the other kids eat?

15. Or will he even notice? He's not even two yet.

16. Am I overthinking the food stuff, anyway?

16. When we went back there today, he was a little clingy, and cried when I said goodbye.

17. The teacher scooped him up and comforted him as I left.

18. As long as he's not crying when I pick him up, I think he'll be okay.

19. Transitions can be tough for the toddler set.

20. Not so much for me: I am already looking forward to my next six-hour stretch of kid-free time next week.

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Antropóloga said...

My kid just turned two and doesn't seem to care if she's fed something different, but except for avoiding her weird allergy I haven't asked the daycare lady NOT to give her the other stuff, so I'm sure she gets some. I just figure if her tummy is full from whatever I packed for her, she's less likely to eat a bunch of crap. These days she's only there 3 hours twice a week and not during a mealtime so it doesn't come up. I'm sure if he's used to it and he has a fun lunchbox or whatever it won't be too big a deal.


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