Thursday, May 11, 2006

S1955 DEFEATED! And, oh yeah, the IUI

I just got an email saying that S1955 was rejected tonight in the Senate, by a fairly close vote. I'm still looking for wire service or other news coverage on it, and haven't found much yet. However, the American Cancer Society sent me an email tonight as the Senate convened, stating "We Saved Mammograms! Thanks to your help!"

I've been thinking about what it would be like to pay thousands of dollars for medical supplies these past few days, and my eyes teared up in joy when I got the ACS email.

Did the American Diabetes Association have someone at the Senate meeting, sending out emails as soon as the vote convened? Does this mean the ADA will send out emails saying "We saved pumps! We saved strips! We saved insulin!"

They should.

In, oh yeah, my personal life, I had my second IUI today. TMI alert ahead, so skip down a few paragraphs if you like.

This time, we had a nurse that gave us a report before I went into the stirrups, telling us that the sperm had certain ratings, and our readings were great. Once back in the saddle, so to speak, legs akimbo, the same nurse told me I had "plenty" of cervical mucus, and my cervix was "wide open," so this is definitely prime time for conception.

Once again, I was told that it's anatomical and normal, but my cervix sits way back inside me, and speculums really have to reach to get where they need to get to. Lots of deep breathing during this process. In. Out. The Mister was awesome as he told funny stories during the whole thing, and held my clutching hand.

But the procedure went through without a hitch, and tonight, I went to an acupuncture appointment specifically for post-IUI. The good doc told me that he'd do a special "lock" treatment to ensure everything would stay locked and not slip out of place. All I noticed was that he stuck me in places that were a tad more sensitive. Like, close to the wrist and ankle bones.

After leaving the IUI appointment and heading to work, I waited for the train and watched two moms or babysitters wait for the opposite train with six, count 'em, six toddlers. They were all very well-behaved as they waited for the subway and I wondered if this was just an odd coincidence or a sign that something was working right.


Sandra Miller said...

Oh my God! I'm typing this through tears. I'll look for confirmation, but... oh man, this would be such good news.

Thank you for posting this.

And, oh yes-- Go Ovaries! Go Sperm!

Penny said...


and WOO, WOO that S.1955 was voted down!!

julia said...

*banging on kettle drums* Row, ye bastids! Row!

Kerri. said...

TIM Disclaimer Here, Too:

I completely understand your need for deep breathing at the doctor's office. I'm instructed to cough, relax, breath deeply, cough again, relax, Kerri, ... so uncomfortable.

And the "Make Way For Ducklings" line of toddlers is definitely a good sign. Woo woo, go Ovaries and Friends!

Anonymous said...

Is this true about S1955?! I have a metabolic disorder and I am frantically trying to find out the status of this god awful bill.
If someone can confirm or e-mail at the information you'll make me a very happy man. I'll actually be able to sleep tonight.

Nicole P said...

Woo Woo -- go reproductive stuff!

BFly said...

I'm really excited to hear that all conditions were good - keeping my fingers crossed for you, and hoping that the sperm and eggs are doing well with someone making sure they have been introduced! Sending you good vibes :)

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