Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IUI Round Two

I've been peeing on sticks every 12 hours for the past two days. Last night, I saw the double lines and told the Mister it was ovulation time. Hop on!

Today when the IVF clinic opens, I'll call and schedule another IUI procedure. I'll get creative about needing to leave the office for an hour or two right in the middle of my busy week at work. And I'll schedule another round of acupuncture tomorrow (I just had a session last night and I'm pleased by the good timing) and again later this week.

I'm also hoping to try another procedure I read about in a magazine. The Instead SoftCup is some kind of tampon alternative that's a small cup you insert to catch menstrual blood. I understand that women have been inserting them after sex or after an IUI procedure to hold sperm close to the cervix for a longer time, which is supposed to increase one's chances of getting pregnant. I've never used one before, but if CVS carries them, I'm bringing them along to the IUI appointment and having the nurse insert it. Who knows how long it'll take me to pull the thing out (memories of a dogged Today Sponge haunt me), but again, it's worth a try.

And I'm experimenting with doing the eight-hour dual wave at dinner, rather than the typical four-hour dual I do for every other meal, and I want to see if it makes a difference with my overnight blood sugars. Last night I went to bed at 180, took two units, and woke up at 180, which didn't thrill me, but I had a square wave going til 4 am and I wonder if that's what kept me even. Not sure what happened to the 2 units that were supposed to bring me down to 100, but I at least slept through the night without sweating or insomnia.

The Mister also bought a clay pomegranate we saw at a recent art show. He liked the way it looked, and we read that the pomegranate is supposed to be a sign of fertility. I rubbed it this morning when I got out of bed, and we'll do another round of "Woo woo woo, go ovaries! Go sperm!" at the doc's office.

We're covering all our bases here. Western medicine. Eastern medicine. A weird blend of our own rituals.

Could this be the month that things finally happen?


art-sweet said...

I sure hope so.

Go ovaries! Go spermies! Meet, Greet, and be Merry.

julia said...

Well, as usual, all I can picture is Eddie Izzard saying "Row, ye bastids! Row!" and all the little sperm, lined up on benches, rowing like the Dickens.

What? Too weird?

Sandra Miller said...

(Okay, so I'm still laughing at the previous comment.)

Lyrehca, you do indeed have all your bases covered here... nothing left but to cheer 'em on... Go Ovaries! Go sperm!

Flmgodog said...

I am cheering silently as I type. Though I am also considering how I can find a pomegranate to up our chances in a few days.
I so badly want to try the acupuncture but can you believe it freaks me out to go?

Still woo, woo-ing for your ovaries and sperm!!!!

Lyrehca said...

Flmgodog--tried to email you but you don't have email enabled on your blog. The artist who made the pomegranate is Hedva Segal, and a Google search will turn up a few online places to buy one of her poms, as well as a photo. And don't fear acupuncture--it's definitely helped me feel calm and I'm told my chi, or energy levels are better. I feel about the same, and I don't mind the needles at all--it's definitely worth a shot.

And Julia--who is Eddie Izzard? I Googled him and found this punk rocker looking guy. Never heard of him.

Thanks all for the cheers!


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