Monday, February 13, 2006

Been Tagged Again

Four jobs I've had:

--ghostwriter for an advice column on a website for teen girls. (Loved this job.)
--police reporter for a suburban newspaper. (Fires and car crashes, yes. Murders and tangled love triangles gone awry, not so much.)
--fact checker for Cosmopolitan magazine. (I've talked to J.Lo's hairdresser and renowned sex therapists all in the same day.)
--research editor for a magazine (no more details; I'm not ready to out myself just yet.)

Three movies I've loved:

--The Truman Show

Four books I love:

--anything by Jennifer Weiner, but Good In Bed and Little Earthquakes in particular
--Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison
--The Outsiders, by SE Hinton
--The Outside World, by Tova Mirvis

(Weird theme going on there. It's a coincidence, I swear. I know I fit in somewhere...)

Some places I've lived:

--New York (the Big Apple and beyond)
--Massachusetts (the Hub and the 'burbs)

Some places I've visited:

--Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Kauai)
--Shorter, Alabama (really, it's essentially a truck stop and a Motel 6 off the highway. But cool name, huh?)
--Mexican Hat, Utah (another blink-and-you'll-miss-it place with a nifty name. But why didn't they call it Sombrero?)

TV I like:

--What Not To Wear
--Grey's Anatomy
--Six Feet Under
--Sex and the City

Four cuisines I love (why limit it to just four foods?)

--Really salty Jewish deli with half sour pickles.

Four sites I check out daily

--My own blog (yeah, I admit it.)
--The Diabetes OC
--Springmail and Gmail

Who's up next? Go 'head, Art-Sweet!


Kassie said...

half sour pickles. yum.

My favorite part of being camp director was that I had the power to enter the kitchen - and the walk in fridge - after hours and help myself to half sour pickles.


Tiffany said...


You've had some pretty awesome jobs, Lyrehca!

Although I haven't read any Jennifer Weiner books, I did love the movie 'In Her Shoes'!


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