Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 37: Is This It?

Due to ongoing leakage and my Awesome OB's conscientiousness, I'm going into the hospital tomorrow for one last test to see if what's been leaking for weeks is not merely urine, but somehow amniotic fluid that has sneakily eluded several past tests.

I'll be 37 weeks and 2 days, just two weeks shy of my scheduled c-section, and also full term.

Tomorrow's test includes an amnio, where they'll inject blue dye into my uterus (awesome--not), I'll put in a tampon and walk around for an hour, then pull out the tampon to see if it turns blue. The amnio will also determine if the baby's lungs are fully developed. All past ultrasounds (I get them twice-weekly now) have all shown the baby is doing great--active, kicky, breathing, and all things good.

So we'll see how it goes. My next post might be as a mother of two. Or not.

UPDATED ON MONDAY, 11/22: Yep, the kid is coming today; baby looks good, but apparently, I AM leaking fluid (and they figured this out before the amnio, thankfully.) Stay tuned for some news!


sysy said...

I think you're already a mother of two and a wonderful one at that :)

Wishing you and your new addition tons of health!

Antropologa said...

Hope all goes well!

Unknown said...

Yaaay, congrats! Hoping for an easy c-section and that all goes well! Welcome to the new baby!!

sweets said...

Hope everything went well! Looking forward to you next post as a mom of two :)

Annie said...

I think you've probably had the baby by now, so just wanted to say I hope everything is going well!


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