Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back Into It

Last week, I spoke about my new book to a group of women from ACT1 Diabetes, a support group for women with diabetes based in New York City. They are great, and it would be wonderful if there were similar groups or affiliates around the country. We all need as much support as we can find, and the in-person component to such groups is really something. While online support is also fantastic, being able to chat with other women with diabetes in person is a whole other experience.

I was in New York for the ASJA conference as well, but Thursday night was all about meeting some friends before the talk (I have a NYC-based group of pals with type 1, and three of them were able to meet for dinner beforehand. One skipped out on actually eating because of a high blood sugar, but it was great to see all three of them and catch up. I haven't been in NY as a single woman (i.e, without my husband or son) in a long time, and it was nice. The three of them hadn't seen each other in awhile either, and we all gossiped about our former endocrinologist and showed off pictures of our kids.

Then it was off to NYU for my book event. I pushed my old-school granny cart with two boxes of books (something I haven't used since I lived in New York, because, really, everywhere else it's easy to drive and park), and two of my friends came to the talk. There was an interesting mix of people at the talk: my pals, a woman I'd gone to diabetes camp with thirty (!) years ago who is affiliated with ACT1Diabetes, a blogger I've known for years but never met in person, a woman I interviewed for my book but had never met, and a bunch of other Act1Diabetes women who came, some with their fiances or husbands, who wanted to hear more about the book.

Allison at Lemonade Life and Annie at Sweet Child of Mine have both posted their reports of the event, and I'm glad they came away from it with solid insight and good feedback.

I've been sort of lax about maintaining my blog, but meeting with people last week and knowing how active the online world is made me think I should get back to it. So here's a public announcement that I'm going to try to blog semi-regularly again.

The rest of my weekend was filled with seeing other NYC-based pals, and getting all fired up about writing and working after meeting with other writers and editors at ASJA. The only downside to the weekend: talking myself silent. I'm now recovering from laryngitis, and it's hard to network and meet people when you can't speak.

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Unknown said...

You talked your voice off!? I hope you'll get better real soon.

Meet-ups are the best!


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