Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Catching Up

Writing a book has a way of taking over all your free time. But now that the manuscript is in, I can get back to actually blogging again.

It's a bit weird now, because more people I know are aware of this blog, but with the book coming out based on my blog writings, it makes sense to keep on keepin' on.

This month also marks the fourth anniversary of when I began blogging. I sort of miss my blogging heyday when I had stuff to say regularly and lots of people left comments. I miss those comments, people! Then again, writing sporadically over the past few months if not two years will explain the (mostly) radio silence.

There's actually an upcoming event that lends itself to blogging: we're gearing up for another round of IVF.

Though I haven't blogged about it at all, we've been trying for kid number two for ages. People I know who have had their second children months ago conceived after when we first began trying. We did an IVF cycle this past summer, which got me pregnant, but things never progressed properly. The embryo stopped growing around week 5, and soon after, I had a D&E and was just eager to try again. Pregnancy loss that early is quite common, and it took me longer to chase my insurance company for reimbursement for certain out of pocket expenses I paid for up front than it did to recover from the entire experience.

(Jaded much? What can I say--nothing's ever straightforward when it comes to conception and me.)

We also did a frozen embryo transfer in the fall with two embryos that were created back in 2006 when Toddler L was conceived. We had sort of high hopes that since Toddler L is so fabulous, some of his embryonic siblings might be equally great. Alas, not to be: the FET yielded no positive pregnancy test. Our fertility doc told us that our the success rate for an FET is about 15 percent for a woman my age and with my health history, compared to about 30 percent for a fresh embryo transfer. So despite the fact that we still have a pair of 2006 embryos in storage, it's back to IVF.

The fertility doc put me on Metformin, with my Kind Endo's blessing, because he claims the Met helps my hormones stay in order. All I've noticed is that my blood sugars seem a lot less rollercoaster, particularly after meals and during the night. I'm loving Metformin, and I plan to ask my Endo if I can stay on it. Any other type 1 gals out there on Metformin?

Fittingly, my box of IVF meds *just* arrived as I am typing this post.

I'm not sure how many rounds of IVF I'm willing to do after this one. I'm at the point where I fully appreciate the son I have and wouldn't be crushed if he were my only child. I consider myself an IVF vet by now, but I'm pretty weary.

Let's hope the third time's the charm.


Unknown said...

Good luck!

I'm on metformin but haven't been diagnosed with diabetes, just insulin resistance/PCOS. It's been a great drug for me.

asskeeper said...

I will keep everything crossed for you. GOOD Luck with the IVF.

Allison Blass said...

My endo suggested Metformin as an option for me, because I was very insulin resistant and unpredictable when I was on birth control. We're using other methods right now and things seem to be stabilizing so I probably won't be going on it anytime soon, but it's good to know that it's working for someone. I was very surprised when I heard that people with type 1 could go on it!

missfrizzly said...

I love reading your blog - I was so excited to see you'd written a new post :) On the Metformin and type 1, I actually asked my endo if I could start taking it because my carb ratios are higher than you'd think for someone my size (imo, not the endo's) , but she said nope, I'm not really resistant, some people just need more insulin for whatever reason and I don't need the Metformin. Haven't dealt with it re: fertility yet - we've just started trying 2 months ago, but I do have a friend (also type 1) who has PCOS and is currently seeing a fertility doc who suggested she go on Metformin - I've heard of other type 1's who have successfully conceived after starting Metformin, as of luck to you - I hope it's a smooth, successful journey!

Flmgodog said...

I am on Metformin. I was with number 1 as well. We will see how it all works out. I have not had the kind of results with BG and metformin as I did last time. Before I got pregnant with Izzie and into the first trimester it really held me pretty stable I thought. This go around I can't say the same is true. I don't have PCOS but with the miscarriage issue both Endo and R-endo thought I ought to be on it.

I hope this IVF is the one!!

Minnesota Nice said...

I had just come upon the blogsphere when you were doing the attempts at #1.
I remember thinking, "gosh, is this woman determined or not?"'
Sister, you are a fine example of going after what you want in life.
Good luck.
And, a most Happy New Year.

Serenity said...

Welcome back! I'm glad to see you blogging again.

I know what you mean about not knowing how far you're willing to go with IVF this time around too. I feel the same way.

Much luck with this cycle - fingers are duly crossed.


Anonymous said...

I just saw you post about Metformin. I have not tried it, but have been wanting to for a couple of years now for insulin resistance. I am type 1, but my insulin needs have sky-rocketed in the last five years, especially my insulin-to-carb ratios. I find that the endos are hesitant to put us type 1s on Metformin, but I really don't understand why, especially if we are showing signs of insulin resistance.

I am pregnant now, and don't need another variable at this point, but will bother my endo about Metofrmin again once the pregnancy is over.

I'll be interested to see what your experiences are with getting your endo to approve Metforin and with the side effects.

A sweet journey to motherhood

BFly said...

Finally read your new updates, so glad you're writing on the blog again! You're a great writer, love your honesty. You're an inspiration to me, thanks for sharing. Keeping everything crossed for the next round of IVF; for us, while it wasn't IVF, it was third time lucky.


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