Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Cranky About Dexcom Sensors

On the pro side, I just used a Dexcom sensor for 14 days and my readings seemed accurate to me.

On the con side, I really still dislike inserting these sensors.

I'm out of town and brought two sensors with me. I followed directions and thought I was inserting the first one correctly, but when I took off the applicator, a huge needle was staring back at me. After I called customer service at 11 pm, they told me I'd done it incorrectly.

With the second, the tech support rep talked me through it, and it still bothered me a lot that you can't see the needle going in, can't control it once it goes in, and that there's all this extra plastic with the applicator. And then when you need to snap this transmitter onto the sensor itself, I still can't figure out why it doesn't just snap in easily without futzing.

The data I get from this thing is great, but the sensor themselves?

I really think they suck.

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