Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sensor Sensitivity

My insurance company finally made the decision to cover continuous glucose monitors.

I didn't waste any time.

I did a week trial of the Dexcom Seven Plus, liked it, and ordered one for myself.

It arrived a few days ago.

Today, I started using the Dex officially, after a rep came to my house and showed me exactly how to put in a sensor and hook the thing up.

I'm used to manually inserting my pump infusion sets, and I typically go really slow when injecting something.

When I tried that today with the Dexcom sensor inserter, it hurt.

Like four-letter-word hurt.

I'm glad I only have to insert these things every week (or longer, depending how long the sensor will last.)

But any advice? Those sensors sort of scare me right now.


Bernard said...

You can change the angle slightly when inserting and that sometimes helps. I've found it stings badly about 30% of the time. As I type I'm still on my first sensor on the Dexcom 7+, that's after 11 days!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm totally following in your footsteps lol, I started the Ping a little while after you, and I've been thinking about going ahead with the Dexcom, as well...I even checked out their website a couple of days ago bc I heard that my insurance just started covering CGMS, as well - I have an endo appt. in 2 wks. so I figured I'll get the script then and go from there...looking forward to reading your thoughts on it all!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Congrats! That is great news! I mean, not the hurting and stuff, but the coverage. :-)

Anne said...

congrats. What insurance do you have?

Anne said...

kaiser permanente. still won't cover me unless I start having more severe lows or start passing out all the time.
I'm annoyed (to put it politely). I might have enough lows but I usually have a bunch of lows and then not as many rather than a certain number every week (<50), which is the requirement.

Michelle said...

Go fast with the inserter. I was expecting more of a pop like my MM quickserter, but didn't get that. Find skin that isn't at a bend point. I put a sensor in a place on my abdomen once that I didn't realize was so flexible and got horribly choppy readings and the adhesive only lasted about two days.


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