Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One month old!

Only a month later, the Mister and I have pulled together some photos of Baby L to put on official announcements we're sending out. (Like the 400 emails we sent weren't "official." But I digress.)

Because I'm neurotic that way, I'm not posting any photos of our Boy online for fear of weird Internet stalkers and whatever. (You'll notice I haven't posted any photos of myself or the Mister, either).

But if you'd like to see what our Boy looks like AND I have a sense of who you are (i.e., you're a regular commenter here, or I read your blog and pretty much know you already), I'll send you a email. If, for whatever reason, you request to be on the photo list but I don't know you, I'm going to just skip sending out an email. No hard feelings, of course. But in this age of To Catch a Predator and Cyberbullying and all that, better safe than sorry.

In other news, Baby L had his one month checkup yesterday.

He's gained a terrific amount of weight, which pleases me. NOT because of my champion breastfeeding efforts, which at this point, have been retired. Due to a lack of efficiency, (still) low milk production, and frustration on both of our parts, the Boy and I have come to a mutual understanding that I will pump breastmilk for him every few hours, and I will stop attempting to solely feed him by boob alone.

As mentioned, likely over and over already, the Boy latches on, but can eat for an hour and I still have to give him a bottle of breast milk or formula. This makes feedings last for two hours or so, instead of the forty minutes a mere bottle or two would last.

And with the weather outside delightful for a change, who wants to stay inside focused on the feeding elements (bottle washing, latching and unlatching, arranging pillows to support the baby in my arms, etc. etc. etc.) when there's other things to do, like tummy time, cuddling, singing songs (Baby L likes U2, REM, Stevie Nicks and old '80s hits like "In A Big Country" and "Rio." I kid you not. Singing to my Boy is like starring in my own Kareoke festival.)

I'm still a bit nervous about stopping pumping entirely and giving the Boy formula only, with my nuttiness about assorted diseases coming and attacking him over the next fifty years. But when the pediatrician looks lovingly at our Boy and deems him "perfect" with every appointment, it eases my concerns.

At least it did yesterday.


Bernard said...

I understand completely about the lack of pictures.

He sounds wonderful. And it sounds like both of you are doing an excellent job. Good for you.

I'll bet the month just flew by.

Major Bedhead said...

I know this probably won't register with you, but really, he'll be ok. If he does happen to get something, it's not because you weren't able to breastfeed exclusively. My son wasn't breastfed and his only problem now is that he's a pain in the ass 18 year-old and as far as I know, not even breast milk helps with that.

I am totally impressed with your dedication and determination to nurse. I'm starting to realize that you don't do ANYTHING by halves, though. ;)

Samantha said...

Wow, time does fly! I'm glad Baby L is doing well.

SaraS-P said...

Sounds like the boy is doing quite well!

Flmgodog said...

The picture think is a little weird I agree but can I see him anyway? I understand if not.

Glad to hear he is doing well and so are you. I hope you keep up the updates when you have time!

Jamie said...

Wow - has it been a month already?? Sounds like you are doing great. I breastfed and bottle fed both my kids - you have way more patience than I did - kudo's to you!

I had to giggle about baby L liking 80's tunes. I remember when Brooke was a tiny baby and she'd go through her evening fussy times, I'd flick on "Maneater" by Hall and Oats and the kid would shut right up LOL - it was hilarious/amazing and relieving all on the same token. But ONLY Maneater ... too funny.

caren said...

Great news. So glad that he is growing so well, and who doesn't love the 80's? Clearly your boy has taste :)

Penny said...

Hi L

I would love to see what little baby L looks like, if you don't mind.

Kevin said...

Great to hear he's doing so well.

For what it's worth, I know 3 couples who have 4 babies (one set of twins) all in the 6-12 weeks old range. Only one couple is feeding exclusively by breast. The other two couples are "topping off" their babies with bottles (though, I'm not sure if it's breast milk or formula or whiskey in those bottles) after some amount of "boob time."

This is stuff that I never in a million years would have imagined paying much attention to, yet as Meg and I consider how the hell we're going to feed the twins when they arrive, it has surprisingly been the topic of more than one recent conversation.

mcewen said...

They grow so fast. Hope you enjoy Sunday.
Best wishes

Carlynn said...

What what it's worth, they say the first milk is the most important. And you know, now I think a lot of health is luck of the draw. I was breastfed and my mother always sings the praises of breastfeeding and look at me - diabetes type I and struggling with infertility. My sister was born two months premanture, was never breastfed, smokes like a chimney and she fell pregnant once very easily and is as healthy as a horse. Luck of the draw, it has to be. And if the doctor says he is perfect, he is definitely doing wonderfully.

Ottoette said...

Congratulations on the excellent 1 month visit!
You sound good, which is awesome.
Please put me on the pic list, if you're comfy.

Erika said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Watson said...

Ohhh! Oooh! Ohhh!

Send me a picture, pretty please? With sugar on top? (Or better yet, sugar substitute on top!)


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