Monday, November 20, 2006

Back from Vacation

The Mister and I just returned from a glorious week away in Florida.

We spent every day wallowing in 80-degree heat, chilling out, shopping and swimming. Mr. L's father has a condo in one of those senior communities, so while we were often the youngest people around when we went out to eat, we also stayed overnight in South Beach in Miami.

Mr. L. likes to say he raised the roof in Miami, but considering a late night for us is 10pm and our favorite use of the word "club" is with pastrami on rye, a dance night out wasn't quite our scene.

But except for the night we were in Miami, we had no web access. This meant I've spent a good chunk of this weekend catching up on blogs and reading week-old email. At the same time, I also spent a lot of time last week just relaxing, instead of sitting in front of a computer.

A friend called our trip away a Babymoon, as in "one last trip without kid." It really was. We did whatever we felt like doing for a week. Swimming at 10am. Spending all day in an outlet mall (where I couldn't buy much because, hello! Nothing regular fits me anymore). Having long discussions about potential baby names. Eating, um, bags of Cape Cod potato chips.

Speaking of, my sugars were pretty good. We walked a lot on some days, were slothy on others, but overall, my average for the week only went up a few points. However, my recent A1c was 5.5, my lowest yet, so I didn't sweat the occasional highs.

In fact, eighteen weeks into this pregnancy this week, all I do when I see something higher than my post-prandial reading should be is just test and correct, test and correct. My sugars are usually pretty compliant so that two hours after a reading, the numbers are often right where they should be.

But then it's usually time for another meal.

Back to work this week, my meals will likely become a lot more regimented, which is generally a good thing for my sugars. And just before the holiday this week, I have a follow-up eye doc's appointment to see how the recent lasering affected my non-proliferative retinopathy. I'm hoping to hear that I won't need another round of it.

In the meantime, Mr. L. is already planning where we should live when we retire in twenty or thirty years. I look ahead and think, "yeah, our children should be adults and be out of the house by then" and "I'll have published my books and be self-employed long before then, so a Florida retirement shouldn't affect my ability to hold a job," and "our retirement funds should be making us wealthy older people by then and therefore able to support us in our old age."

I'm pleased that negative thoughts about the future, my health, Mr. Lyrehca's health and the health/issues of our future children haven't (yet) crept into my brain. I don't want to think I'm being a Pollyanna, but rather, someone who has dealt with all sorts of adversity already and therefore not scared of the future because I know how to handle the bad with the good.

Especially if the future holds 80-degree days and no snow shoveling.


Minnesota Nice said...

Great attitude, as usual, L.
Hope you get a good report from the eye doc.

Flmgodog said...

YOur trip sounds wonderful. Glad you had a good time!!! A1C was awesome as well. Nice job!!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you guys had a great trip.

Anonymous said...

yay for vacation!

(but glad to see you posting once again.)


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