Saturday, October 28, 2006


I now see my endo every three to four weeks. Yesterday, the waiting room wasn't too bad and I sat down to see her not long after my actual appointment time. I brought about four days's worth of blood sugars and insulin boluses and meals with me.

I've learned that if I fax a week or two week's worth of blood sugars, I usually get a call back that says "things look good, I wouldn't recommend any changes" or "try increasing your carb ratio to 1:7, instead of 1:8." I get the same recommendations, though, if I have a few days' worth of sugars or a few weeks. The hassle of writing down every single blood sugar, insulin dose, and meal with carb content has wised me up to bringing in only a few days at a time.

Yesterday was no exception.

I went over the pre- and post-meal blood sugars with my endo, and as always, I'm surprised by how fairly normal they are. My average blood sugars have almost never been this low, and it's uncanny how responsive the insulin is. I also attribute this to eating fairly high-glycemic carbs (oatmeal and multigrain breads, say, rather than white toast and, as much as I'd like one, big white "country rolls" or croissants for my lunchtime sandwiches) and eating more fruit.

"Well, I must say your numbers look fabulous," Endo said. "Really."

"I can't believe them myself," I admitted. "Are there some pregnancy hormones at work here keeping my sugars lower than usual?"

Endo explained that since I am now pregnant, I am actually not experiencing the typical monthly menstrual cycle rush of hormones and things that might have affected my sugars more in the past. Personally, I took birth control for quite some time and also noticed that during the week of my period, I would skip taking any pills instead of taking the placebo pills, and my sugars always seemed a bit better than usual.

"Am I some kind of superstar patient?"

"You are among a group of my type 1 pregnant patients who are supestars," Endo said. "I'm always so impressed by this group because they are so dedicated to keeping their numbers within range. Congratulations."

I always knew I was a superstar but it's nice to actually get acknowledged for it.


Kevin said...

Keep on rockin' hot-shot!
(it's always nice to have what you know in your heart is true to be confirmed by outside sources, huh?).

Flmgodog said...

Nice job!!!!! I know how hard it can be to get those numbers in range and stay their.
Congratulations on the SUPERSTAR status!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go!

For the record, you were a superstar in our book long before the endo acknowledged it.


julia said...


Great work, Lyrecha. I haven't forgotten those clothes, by the way. I just haven't managed to wrangle the box and two little kids to the post office yet.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

You should be really proud of yourself. It is never easy to get such great results! Keep the good work up!

Kerri. said...

Superstar, indeed. (Although Julia's "supahstah" made me smile.) Congratulations on keeping you and Baby L/Hod healthy and safe.

Michko said...

I was a superstar once... feels so good, doesn't it?! Congrats!


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