Saturday, September 09, 2006

Week Seven Update

So yeah. One of my work deadline weeks just passed, so I haven't been able to update the blog in a week. And because of the holiday last Monday, my deadline week continues to this Monday.

No rest for the weary.

But working 12-hour days has honestly made me not stress too much about the pregnancy or the diabetes. Oh sure, I'm still testing a zillion times a day. But I've actually had a few nights where I went to bed at say, 75, and actually woke up hours later around 75. Pre-pregnancy, I would have considered that an excuse to eat. But with this pregnancy thing going, 75 is actually right where you want to be.

I've also had plenty of lows, mind you, and some overnight basal tweaking is helping to keep those at bay. Oddly, pre-preg I was usually high overnight, but in the past week, I've had super lows. I heard, years ago, that pregnancy can cause you to go low because of hormonal changes. I don't understand how that works, exactly, or if the advent of pregnant pumping can help you avoid more of that (the T1 woman who'd told me about it was pregnant back in the late '80s and wasn't a pumper).

But I still wonder if this pregnancy is really happening. I mean, there's been no morning sickness, no nausea, no real fatigue, no serious boob pain (except for oddly sensitive nipples, but it's also getting cooler out here. Couldn't the weather be causing this headlight action?) Nothing's smelling too weird, and sure, I feel bloated all the time, but I'm also taking a ton more insulin because I want to keep my numbers low all the time, so the extra weight from that is certainly making itself known.

(I'm already dreaming of the hard core workouts I want to do post-pregnancy.)

We have another ultrasound scheduled for this week. I hope things go well.

I've read how people say they want to enjoy their pregnancies. I'm not sure what else I can be doing. I don't feel all that different. We're not telling anyone publicly until the first trimester is over. Mr. Lyrehca has this super-Jewish baby book (don't ask) and I dislike most of the names in it. (And who's got time to look for a new baby book when you work long hours?) He, on the other hand, really likes the name "Hod."

"Our child will not be named Hod," I declared.

"Well, if we have a girl, we can name her Hodina."

Hod means something like "splendor," or "tribe of Asher," according to the book. Hodina isn't listed.

"Our child will be made fun of incessantly if his name is Hod," I said. "They'll call him Odd Hod. Or Hog."

So the picking baby names thing isn't so joyful.

How else do people "enjoy their pregnancies," particularly when it's early and they're still hoping everything is OK and no one knows? I'd love to hear suggestions.

I've also gone to some of those pregnancy bulletin boards for people who are expecting the same month I am. Half of them complain about how bad they feel. Others talk about how this is their second pregnancy and they're 23 and they've been with the father for six years. One board talked about whether it was "really all that bad" to eat cold lunch meat. "I ate deli sandwiches throughout my three pregnancies and none of my kids had three heads," one poster wrote. "My doctor never said anything about not eating deli," wrote another.

I mean, am I on another planet? Who are these people? And no one's mentioned that they had infertility treatment. And don't get me started on the token "diabetes and pregnancy" board. Just about all of them are gestationals or type 2s. "Tell me how bad it is to go on insulin," one poster asked.



Minnesota Nice said...

L - glad to hear things are progressing onward - so many different things for you to think about!
PS - I recall that you twice recommended "The Namesake" when people were looking for book ideas. I saw the previews to the upcoming movie and while walking home from the theater, there was a copy in the window of my neighborhood half/price book store. I am sailng through it - a wonderful read.
Have a good week ahead.

Rachel said...

you never know, you may just be one of those lucky ones without too many first trimester blahs.

I hate reading those "how bad is it going on insulin" questions on type 2 boards (and I've seen them on preg boards when doing research). Probably desensitized with the husband and all...

Allison said...

You know, you might want to change your little blog description. It says you are "Trying to have a baby."

Hon, you ARE having a baby!



Kassie said...

I actually started pumping 10 years ago as part of a minimed study looking at whether or not pumps could help reduce the incidence of extreme lows - as I recall, the study proved they did (to the extent that studies prove anything)

Go easy on the pregnant women on the various boards - pregnancy challenges are so relative. I remember being scared about insulin shots when I first started too ;)

Penny said...

My advice, enjoy the no nausea, no sore boobs thing you got going on. It may not last. I had no nausea with my first preg, but the 2nd, I vomited the entire 9 months. Not fun.

Relax. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The lows can come out of nowhere so watch out! Particularly in the first 18 weeks or so. Also, try the Yahoo group Positive Diabetic Pregnancies. A great resource for Type 1's only.

Anonymous said...

hey - not sure if you're still reading the board you hint at, but there are two recent IVF threads that you might be able to contribute too...

Sarah said...

I can tell you that I felt nothing "out of the ordinary" until about week 8 (my sister week 9). Then I started puking just 1x each night at 1am. Other then that, I felt "normal" until week 16 where I added an extra conversation with the toliet each morning until the day after I delivered. Oh how I wanted those 1st 8 weeks back then! LOL

The preg didn't feel real to me until A started moving.

I read a bunch of preg books (funny ones only, please!) like Jenny McCarthy's or Girlfriend's Guide.

Kelly said...

I am t1 on a pump and pregnant too (7 weeks). I totally hear ya on the unbelievable fact of being pregnant - even just typing that word makes me sort of freak out because it can't really be me that's pregnant. There's no way a baby might actually be the result of all this. We're not telling anyone until after the 1st trimester either which only makes it more surreal - I'm pretending to everyone else that I'm not pregnant so I guess I can pretend to myself too!

I've had trouble with overnight lows as well - between midnight and 5am my basal rate is now 25% of what it was prepregnancy. I don't know. It's all very strange.

You might consider logging on to I've enjoyed the forums there. While there are some dumbie questions and "baby dust" wishes (gag me) I've mostly found that the women on that site "get it."

I'd love to email with you too if you want to vent to someone that's more or less in the same place as you. :) You can get me at kellyinitalia at hotmail dot com.

Ack! Now I have to get back to pretending this isn't really happening.

Congrats to you!!

Meg said...



Think I was at that board.

Gross, huh?

Watson said...


I've only had limited experience with the IF message boards, but my GOD, reading that tripe makes me want to vomit. The acronyms! The stupid questions! ACCCK!

Thankfully I stumbled into the blogging world a few months ago which is waaaay better!

I hope you continue to feel good throughout your pregnancy :-)

Thank you for your sweet comment (and great idea about the vow renewal) on my blog, I really appreciate it!


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