Thursday, August 17, 2006

Already I'm Worried

So much for the excitement.

Went to bed at 113 after treating a low of 60 with a plum, two Life Savers, and a stick of string cheese.

Woke up at 5:30 am to notice my infusion set hanging off my hip by only the catheter (all the adhesive of my Silhouette set had pulled off somehow) and I tested at 317.


I quickly changed the infusion set, bolused six units, and sent a silent "I'm sorry" message to my uterus.

I got back into bed crying about how high I'd gone FOR NO GOOD REASON other than the set somehow coming undone. Which has never really happened before.

"Remember what the doctor said," Mr. Lyrehca reminded me. "It's not one high that'll cause concern. It's the longterm numbers."

But still. 317. It's too high.

I'm sorry, Embryo. I really hope you're still OK.


Michko said...

Embryo is fine! I know it's easy to worry, but Mr. L is right. My CDE told me once upon a time that it's being consistently over 150 to 200 that will cause problems. I think it's good to be aware of what highs can do, but don't beat yourself for one little high. You're doing great so far!

By the way, you've got to give embryo a new moniker! I called No. 1 Thumper and No. 2 Bumper until we knew she was girl and then we started calling her by her name. And No. 3 we, I mean I, called George because all of our names start with M and The Mr. said he didn't want an M name for the new little one. And I said but we can't have four Ms and George. So it stuck. Once we found out George was a girl, we started calling her by her name, too. The Mr. wanted to call No. 3 Humper, but I quickly vetoed!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but it's only the first. INsulin needs will be steady for a few weeks and then change drastically in 24 hours. You have to take the long view or you're going to drive yourself absolutely nuts.

(From what I read, there is an ability by the placenta to weed out and/or absorb high sugars--it's only after that capacity is overwhelmed, which takes a while, that problems set in.)

If not a mother... said...

it's one high among many highs and lows that you will undoubtly encounter despite not wanting them. It's what happens with good/excellent control, the good control "they" say you need for a successful pregnancy. the similar good control that my husband had for several years, but with scary highs and especially scary lows. I have to wonder if it really is better. (I'm not saying to let the A1C's skyrocket into 7+ land, but just wondering if too much control is so good after all, too.)

Dr. Grumbles said...

Hoping emryo is ok...

Shannon said...

Aww you're going to be a great mommy to a healthy robust baby.

I won't tell you not to's all part and parcel to being a pregnant woman.

Try not to worry too much though :)

floreksa said...

Embie is just fine. Just like Mr. L said, its not a single one (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 20) that will hurt the baby. Its when overall you're high and doing nothing about it.

Serenity said...

I don't know anything about diabetes, but wanted to give you a hug. I think the mister's view is a good one... be gentle with yourself...


Mary said...

I have my egg retieval tomorrow and I am anxious, not about the surgery but about how many eggs to fertlize. Good luck will check in on you and the babies from time to time.

Nicole P said...

Mr. L. is certainly the voice of reason - listen to him. The embryo is just fine - and you'll be too. Try to relax. I'm sending you my best thoughts.

Re: Symlin - I'll certainly keep you posted. :)


Violet said...

Oh honey. So much to worry over! From where I sit, your care and love for the tiny one shine through so strongly, and surely I'm not the only one who can sense this (hint: look at your uterus).

Wishing you peace and a good rest tonight.

Minnesota Nice said...

To whoever is currently in charge of that big cosmic hand that is stirring the pot and creating chaos in everyones lives - ...........we've had enough.
Have a good weekend!


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