Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Return of the Meme and Other Goings-On

Several weeks ago, I responded to Shannon's question meme.

Shannon and Flmgodog responded, saying they wanted to be questioned in return.

I'm not so prompt with my end, but here they are, five questions back. Go 'head and post your answers.

1. Vanilla or chocolate? And if chocolate, what kind (milk, dark or white)?

2. In five years, what do you want to look back on and be most excited by?

3. What's your favorite season?

4. In 30 years, will you go to your high school reunion? Your college reunion? An elementary school reunion? Why or why not?

5. How have you been affected as a result of keeping a blog?

I know I've been affected by NOT blogging these past two weeks. Work deadlines, nicer weather, and taking advantage of sleeping in a bit later most mornings have cut into the time I'd typically be blogging. I tend to write in the early morning, or on weekends, and this past weekend I took advantage of the sun and hung out outside and gardened. Being a city girl, I've never had the opportunity to really worry about a yard. But the house the Mister and I bought has this gorgeous landscaped backyard, so I feel an obligation to keep it looking nice so it doesn't get overrun with weeds and leaves and become the house on the block everyone sniffs at.

And yes, we could hire a gardener to manage the upkeep, but once you own a house, there's always something else you could be spending money on. At least for now, I can manage the weed pulling and shrub pruning, while the Mister mows and fertilizes the grass. I did, however, just write a check to have someone come and prune and treat our trees for pests. Trees. I certainly never thought about maintaining trees when I lived in New York.

In a high school way, I've also noticed that some bloggers who have started blogging around the same time I did have way higher numbers on their stat counters. Is it because I don't update more regularly? Should I branch out to other readers besides diabetics? Comment on many more blogs than I already do? What's the secret?

And finally, in a topic that's actually germane to this blog's focus, the Mister and I held off on jumping on the IVF train. This month, and I apologize for too much information in advance (WARNING: BODILY FUNCTION TALK AHEAD. AVERT YOUR EYES IF SQUEAMISH), I noticed the most ovulatory cervical mucous I've seen in years. Like, honest-to-goodness egg white goop. In truckloads.

In the seven or so months that I've been charting my temperatures to see when I ovulate, I've rarely or never noticed any change in the mucous production downstairs, which is typically a key sign to figuring out when you ovulate. When I saw it a few days ago, I was like "Honey, we have to have sex right NOW!"

However, since I'd been planning to start an IVF cycle this month, we were instructed to avoid sex entirely this month and instead start taking Lupron, a drug that kicks off a two month process of drugs and egg formation and retrieval. The IVF regimen starts on day 21 of the cycle (pretty late in the game compared to ovulation and typical fucking for fertility's sake, which happen about a week before).

With the mucous truckload, I wondered if maybe this month I was actually fertile and producing an egg the way my body was supposed to. In months past, I've been told I've ovulated just fine, and for two months I took Clomid which was supposed to amp up egg production. But with this extra goop, I thought, "Maybe this is the month my body is actually behaving and producing a top quality egg. Let's not waste this opportunity."

So with many calls to my reproductive endo, we cancelled the IVF cycle and scheduled an unmedicated IUI instead. So in addition to our own canoodling this month, we tried the turkey baster method as well just for an added bonus.

And thus begins another two week wait.

But if the pregnancy test is negative, there's no more postponing the IVF stuff any more.

Yowza, who knew I had so much to say. Trees? Goop? I gotta blog more often.


julia said...

Now I have goop-festooned trees burned into my brain. And that's just ew.

I blog about all kinds of shit, not just d-related stuff. In fact, I rarely blog about d-related stuff, although I have a post brewing. O is cruising along fine right now and I don't have much to say about it. I do comment all over hell and creation on other people's blogs, which may help my hit count.

There's a fine line between blogging too often and not blogging enough. There are a bunch of blogs I've stopped reading because they aren't updated regularly. If the person goes a month between posts on a regular basis, I delete them from my list. A couple of times a week seems to be ideal. You don't want to overwhelm people either.

Good luck with the turkey baster thing. Are you also allowed to try the fun way, too?

Oooh. WVW - VMCEX. Vaginal mucus, sex. Good omen?

Lyrehca said...


But of course. "Canoodling"="the fun way."

Nice blog redesign, by the way!

Kassie said...

Hey I was thinking of you this weeked at the ADA - there's a new diabetes drug out called 'Lireca' or something very similar!

I'll keep a good canoodle turkey baster thought for you!!

Rachel said...

You know how I know my thyroid is functioning just peachy?

The really goopy stuff. Last fall, things were a little off with my cycle and I didn't get it for about 3 months (though I was still ovulating). No, not even thinking about TTC, I just like to know what my body is doing after the amenorrhea I went through before the hypothyroid diagnosis.

So, anyways, I hope the goopy stuff means good news for you soon enough!

Kerri. said...

I have this love/laughter relationship with your self-described Too Much Information posts. I love that you write about the minute details that encompass the real life bits of what you and Mister are trying to do. And I love the fact that you make me laugh with you visual images (Thanks to Julia, now I have goop-festooned trees on the brain. Hmmm...)I keep a set of crossed fingers at all times for you guys.

I'm also with Julia on the blog reading bit. I don't read all the ones I used to because they don't update as much as they used to. I find myself guilty of the non-updating recently, but I'm moving apartments and enjoying the (finally!) nice weather, so a small hiatus is fine by me. But once or twice a week works best for me, for the most part.

Enjoy your yardwork!

art-sweet said...

I think commenting all over helps your hit count a lot. And for that it helps to have a job where your talents are totally underutilized and underappreciated. The biggest referrer for me by far is Julie's ( big list o' infertility blogs.

I really, really hope this cycle works for you. But if not, I have an unused gonal-f pen with your name on it in my fridge.

Jill said...

Congratulations on the goop! Only women in this corner of the blogosphere understand how thrilling it is to see loads of goop. I wish you all the best with this cycle.

Flmgodog said...

IT is so sad on my part but I am VERY EXCITED by your goop!!!
I understand where you are coming from. Crossing all appendages for you at least for the next two weeks. Then I will uncross and wait!!!
I am glad you spent time outside with the trees and landscape. Wish I could say the same.
My new saplings are doing tremendously though!!!

Shana said...

I run a website that lists ttc, expecting, and new parent bloggers to help us all find one another. I have added your blog to the ttc listings. If you would like for me to remove the link to your blog or if I need to correct any information, please do let me know.

My website is Babes in Blogland and my email address is my3monkeys at gmail dot com.

Thank you very much and best of luck on your journey.


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