Wednesday, May 03, 2006

STOP s1955, more Clomid and a Media Mention!

FIRST OFF, please go check out Kassie's smart post about why you need to call your senator's offices RIGHT NOW and tell them to vote AGAINST s1955. Here's what you'll lose if this thing passes.

NOW, back to me. I'm on day five of the second round of Clomid. Waiting for the next ovulation prediction, and then the next IUI, and then the next two week wait.

Things are otherwise slow, although my blood sugars were out of whack for about a week. It's really easy to eat whatever when you know you aren't potentially pregnant on any particular day. Those are coming back down, thankfully.

In blog news, however, I noticed on my site counter that I was getting a lot of traffic from the diabetes site at, which led me to realize that my site was listed as one of five diabetes blogs you'll want to bookmark. It was totally unexpected, and very much a pleasure. Thanks,! And welcome, new readers! Please do feel free to comment or otherwise let me know what you think about the site narrative. At times I feel like I'm writing into a void and I'm so easily psyched by feedback. Go ahead, leave some. You know you want to.


Penny Ratzlaff said...

congrats. That's neat and somewhat of an honor to be up ther right?

George said...

Wow! The top 5! That is sweet (ahem)No pun intended.



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