Monday, April 17, 2006


So my blood sugars have been great for the past week (since the IUI). This makes me wonder if I'm not pregnant.

I picked up a heavy box of juice boxes at a store this weekend and felt a twinge in my lower belly. This makes me wonder if I am pregnant and maybe did something I shouldn't.

I went to acupuncture five days after the IUI and the acupuncturist told me he didn't think I was pregnant. Is it too early to tell? (When I pressed him on it, he kind of flip-flopped and said "yes, I can tell," and then said, "no, it's too early." Great.)

I did more exercise yesterday than usual (walked five miles to and from my gym, did a bit of weight training, then spent the afternoon raking out my front lawn and bagging up the yard waste. Was this too much exercise for someone who might be a week pregnant?


Shannon said...

No, it's not too much exercise :)

Before I knew I was pregnant with Brendon, there was a day when I rearranged bedroom furniture and then walked 4 miles. A week later, boom, the pregnancy test said positive.

Exercise is great for the baby and pregnancy. It's during/after the 4th month that the tendons and ligaments in your joints start to soften and you should do low impact cardio like walking. No situps or other exercises while laying on your back during and after the 5th month.

Otherwise, no harm doing exercise.

Nicole P said...

I'm crossing everything I can cross for you. I hope you're pregnant, because this is very painful.

Erica said...

I didn't get insulin resistant until I was a week or three 'late.' Don't count that as a sign ;-)

woo woo go zygote(?) is that what it would be now? Implant! Divide!

art-sweet said...

Isn't it funny how we infertile types obsess about every little thing we can possibly control and yet people do manage to get pregnant and have healthy babies without giving up strenous exercise, caffeine and the occasional after-dinner drink the minute they ovulate?

I am keeping everything I can crossed for you!

julia said...

Non-infertile's obsess, too, art. *whistles nonchalantly* At least, this non-infertile does. Of course, I obsess about everything, so I'm probably not a good person to go by over here. I'm more than a little fucked up....

I'm hoping your test come back positive. Do you go for a blood test or are you just going to pee on a stick?

Kerri. said...

I'm with Erica on a "woo woo, go zygote!"

(I hope for you every time someone pumps their fist in the air in encouragement for a sports team. "Wow, they're really giving a big 'Woo woo' for that team! Much like we give big 'Woo woo's' for Lyrehca.")

Here's some big Woo Woos for you.


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