Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Mid-March Update

As I've mentioned, I started this blog to try to get some momentum and feedback on chronicling a type 1 diabetic pregnancy.

While things are still on the starting block with that (I'm in the midst of the two-week-wait 'til the period's either late or Very Much There), I got an encouraging email from a potential party interested in a potential book about diabetes and pregnancy.

I'm cautiously optimistic, but need to spend the rest of the month polishing and perfecting a book proposal, so my nose will be right up against that grindstone.

More details down the road.

And yep, as blogged about elsewhere, I did indeed attend the first Boston D-blogging get-together. It was great to share insight and stories, and in short, I look forward to the next one.


Erica said...

How exciting!!! Good luck with the proposal (and the ^$&&*#@! 2ww)

julia said...

A book deal! Whooo! How exciting. I can't believe how many OC people are becoming published authors. That is just too freakin' cool. I have so many people I can brag on now.

Good luck with the wait. Fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...


I must point out that a book proposal is NOT a book deal. Anyone can write a proposal, and the idea of a proposal is to get a publisher or agent's interest in doing the work. No book deal yet.

And I've written countless magazine and newspaper articles, so you don't have to brag about me yet, Julia. I appreciate it, though!

Lyrehca said...

Blogger's acting weird today. That above comment is me.

Anonymous said...

I'll stay tuned - I can't wait to hear how it goes (both the book & the pregnancy). I hoping to also have a child in the next year and am trying my hardest to get my body ready for it now!


Kerri. said...

Good luck with the proposal and I would absolutely buy your book. Consider my request for a reserved copy issued. ;)

And it was great to meet you in Boston. We'll have to plan another outing sometime!

Shannon said...

I hope your proposal turns into a book deal.

It was great meeting you! Brendon asked me why "the blond lady" had to leave. He seemed to be a little disappointed that he couldn't drag you through the museum, LOL.


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