Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I've been tagged by Kassie over at Noncompliant (such a terrific title for a D-Blog, by the way.) Since I'm new to this whole blogging scene, as you may be too, I understand that people within the diabetes blogging community randomly tag one another to spout out five random facts.

On that note, here's my five, plus one.

1. I am a magazine whore. I read because my life depends on it. My favorite thing about where I live is the proximity to my local library. Free books and periodicals...mmmm. Sweeter than candy.

2. I'm in the middle of writing a novel with a diabetic protagonist. Sort of a diabetichick lit. Bridget Jones with a pump. You'd buy this if you saw it on Amazon or at your local bookstore, wouldn't you? Would you buy a ticket to see it adapted to film?

3. I love to eat. Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, deli. Pickles. Peanut butter. Cheese. Cucumbers. Fish sauce. Noodles. Mussels and frites (well done). Ginger. Garlic. Dark chocolate. So much to eat. So little time.

4. I'd work out at the gym every day if I won the lottery and didn't have to instead schlep to my office regularly. While you wouldn't guess it from looking at me, I love Spinning, pushing weights around (though what's the link between retinopathy and weight training? Anyone?), biking, walking, and the elliptical trainer.

5. I'm a New Englander by birth and now by marriage, but I lived in New York while going to grad school and then for another seven years and I loved it. Walking the streets of Manhattan was great for keeping blood sugars under control. There's always something happening and you never know what you might find when you stroll down an avenue or turn a corner. The place is expensive and everything about living there is a hassle, but the energy and possiblity of the place thrilled me.

6. (By popular demand) Mr. Lyrehca just yelled from the other room that he's handy and want me to shout it from the desktop. The man knows his way around a toolbox and our house (and I) thank him for it.

Hmmmm.... I'm not sure who to tag next, since I haven't been reading everyone's blogs all that long. Anyone want to volunteer?


Kassie said...

nicely done.

My sister lives in Brooklyn and walking anywhere with her kicks my ass.

I would totally buy any book that features a person with diabetes. Keep us posted!

Kerri. said...

I read "Derailed" solely for the fact that the main character's daughter was diabetic.

So yes I'd buy your book.

And my boyfriend is a devastatingly talented screenwriter/director/up and coming film star.

So yes, he'll option your book.

It's like one stop shopping.

Lyrehca said...

Fantabulous. I'm so staying in touch with both of you. My big fear is that I write this whole novel out (necessary for fiction), and no one wants to publish it. And I have ideas for diabetic (non-fiction) books, too, but my other fear is that there's not a big enough market (i.e., no money to be made) to make a publisher want to take it on.

But one thing at a time.

Vivian said...

I would definitely buy your book! Can't wait to see more of your blog.


Megan said...

I'd buy it and I'd watch it!


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